Working in wood and stone The Studio has built an enviable reputation for good work since its foundation in 1985.

The Studio's aim is to fulfill the needs of our clients by producing things that are beautiful and satisfying; to produce work to the highest possible standard as judged by our peers; and to safeguard the standards of craftsmanship.

Work with clients, whether institutional or private, begins at the design stage to produce items that are appropriate to their needs and mindful of the wider context in which they will be seen and touched.

Spirit of The Forest
The essence of craftsmanship is the conjunction of mind, eye and hand at the point of application to the material. Whilst not disparaging the use of machines for certain tasks the raison d'etre of the Studio lies in producing unique items by hand. Handwork involves what is known as 'the workmanship of risk'; every blow of the mallet and every stroke of the gouge, pencil or brush involves a myriad of co-ordinated actions, none of which can be guaranteed. However, the constant practice of work, guided by the mind, is able to produce a thing of beauty like no other.