2003 Scribes & Artists, Cinque Ports Scribes 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Dover
2003 Letter Exchange 15th Anniversary Exhibition, The Prince's Trust, London
2003 Canterbury Cathedral Stone Carving Festival
2002 Stone Words, Wolseley Fine Arts, London
2000 Art In Action, Wheatley, Oxford
1999 David Jones - Interpretations, Wolseley Fine Arts, London
1999 Art In Action, Wheatley, Oxford
1998 Art of The Alphabet, Canterbury Cathedral
1998 Letter Exchange 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Morley Gallery, London
1998 The Art of Remembering, Blickling Hall, Norfolk
1997 Literary Quotations, Wolseley Fine Arts, London
1996 SSI Celebration of Calligraphy, London and Bolton
1992 Lettering Matters, Fairfield Halls, Croydon
1988 Art In Action, Wheatley, Oxford
1987 Art In Action, Wheatley, Oxford
1986 Kent Guild of Craftsmen, Canterbury